We have been active in the battery industry for decades. Our mission is to provide all users, resellers and others with access to professional-level batteries and chargers.

In addition to proven technologies that can be difficult to access (lead, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH), in recent years, new types of batteries (lithium, Li-ion, Li-PO, LiFePO4) with advanced capabilities have become available.

Increased mobility, the Internet of things and portable computing are made possible by (old and) new types of batteries. They are everywhere. We use them constantly every day.

Mister Battery is pleased to be able to offer various types of batteries and chargers for sale. The site is a showcase for the most recent products in their most popular configurations. Our lab produces many prototypes, variants and customised products in small and medium quantities. We work with our partners to offer medium and large series at reasonable prices.

Most of our products are manufactured in Europe, mainly in France and the United Kingdom. In addition to keeping employment local, European-based production is a gauge of quality and consistency that very few providers can claim.

Our strengths:

  • Professional range of products
  • Rapid delivery
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Technical expertise
  • R&D
  • Present for more than 25 years