Our company, which cares about your personal data and our relationships with our clients, our prospective clients, and our partners, wants to handle your personal data transparently. This declaration explains your rights and legal obligations. Please read the following carefully.

I. Terminology

You will come across the following term in the data processing policy which follows.

  • Personal data: any information regarding an identified or identifiable individual (e.g. name, National Insurance No, e-mail address, postal address, mobile No., etc.).
  • Processing: any work carried out on the personal data (collection, recording, storage, destruction, deletion, etc.).
  • Data controller: an individual or entity determining the purposes and means of processing data.
  • Sub-contractor: an individual or entity processing the data on behalf of the data controller.

II. Our Company

The name of our company is: HELPELEK sprl.
We are registered in Belgium under BCE No. BE-0898-355-107.
Our Registered Office is at 11, Avenue du Couronnement, 1200 Woluwé Saint Lambert.

III. Our Data Controller

Our designated data controller is Mr Olivier Claeys,
The representative of our designated data controller is Mr Olivier Claeys.
In the capacity of Director.
Address: 11, Avenue du Couronnement, 1200 Woluwé Saint Lambert
Email: olivier.claeys@helpelek.be.

As data controller, our Company is bound to abide by the legal requirements governing data processing for purposes which it determines itself. It is responsible for processing the personal data of its clients, prospective clients, and partners in particular.

IV. Your data

Our company processes your data for several purposes.
We collect the following details in order to be able to identify you, contact you, and provide you with an efficient service:

  • Business name
  • VAT No.
  • Customer No.
  • First and last names
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail

We also use data from the public domain and data collected from third parties. These data may be public, such as data regarding company directors. You may also have made certain data public (in the social networks, for example). Our company may also purchase data from other companies. These companies are responsible for legitimate collection of the data they supply to us. These data are used for direct marketing purposes or to verify the accuracy of the information held by us.

V. Legitimate interest

Our company has to be able to operate as a business. The European data protection regulations refer to “legitimate interest”.

As a commercial business, the processing we carry out is based on a certain number of legitimate interests. We need to monitor the quality of our services by maintaining a balance between the impact such processing may have on privacy and the legitimate interests of any business.

However, if you object to certain types of processing, you can contact us. You can also exercise the rights available under the personal data protection legislation.

VI. Our Sub-contractors and Suppliers

For certain types of operation, we use the services of:

  • Suppliers
  • Sub-contractors.

We make sure that the partners and suppliers we use are reliable and provide a sufficient level of security to safeguard our data and those of our customers.

VII. Client rights and the exercise of those rights

The European regulation grants clients and prospective clients the following rights:

Right to consult data

You can consult your data. If you exercise this right of access, we will try to give you as complete an overview of your data as possible. However, some data may have been deleted from our files. Similarly, over time it may become impossible to restore some data stored on media for backup purposes.

Right to amend data

You may ask the data controller as above to correct or complete your data.

Right to object to a specific use

If you dispute the way in which we process your data on the basis of legitimate interests, you may object to a specific use. However, there are cases where there is a legal requirement for us to process certain data.

Right to delete data

If you suspect that some of your data are being inappropriately processed, you can request deletion of these data. However, there are cases when we are not legally permitted to delete them.

Right to object to automatic processing

You can object to automated processing. Contact us to find out the best way of responding to your request. Some processing is, in fact, automated in order to provide you with a better service.

To exercise the above rights, give full details in your request and provide proof of identity.

Do you have any questions or comments to make regarding the processing of your data? You can contact our Company’s Data Controller mentioned in III.